Wednesday, June 12, 2024
10am to 3pm

Revive your motivation & momentum

Take action in your business in a fresh, new way that doesn't feel forced

Shake off stagnation and quiet the noise of competition by setting aside a day with other business owners to dive deep into what truly motivates you in your business.

By rooting and anchoring yourself once again to what drives you, you’ll be able to make sales through any recession, laugh off the online trolls and attract soul-aligned clients who light you up.

Only $88 CAD

plus applicable tax

Rekindle your drive among like-minded entrepreneurs

Fall in love with your business all over again

Breathe new life into your business
Fresh motivation to elevate your online presence
Sharpen your focus to clarify your next steps

Refresh + connect

Through hands-on activities, engaging discussions, and personal reflections, you'll:


Embrace the real you and validate your journey


Build a community with fellow visionaries


Gain clarity, confidence + a clear direction


This workshop is designed for both emerging and established entrepreneurs who feel stuck or uninspired with their current brand and business. It’s perfect for business owners looking to rekindle their passion, sharpen their focus, and elevate their brand presence. Whether you’re just starting out or looking to breathe new life into your business, this workshop will provide the tools and inspiration needed to realign your brand with your core values and vision.

The virtual workshop spans one day, from 10 AM to 3 PM, featuring a mix of interactive sessions and collaborative exercises. The day begins with an engagement activity, followed by sessions focused on community building, vulnerability, and envisioning your brand’s future. Each session includes practical exercises to help redefine and invigorate your brand. There are scheduled breaks, including a lunch break, to keep energy high. The workshop concludes with a session dedicated to integrating what you’ve learned and planning next steps.

Let's get inspired, together

Reawaken your ambition + amplify your impact