Sozo Media is on a quest to find the designer of our dreams!

Could it be you? 🙋‍♀️

We're looking for a Brand/Graphic Designer to join our team.

This is a virtual part-time freelance role with a fixed rate per project and the option to add-on part-time hours. This is not a full-time position.
We’re looking for a designer with experience who wants to be part of a growing creative team. You’ll take ownership of brand design elements and delivery for multiple projects each month. You will report to our Creative Director. The ideal fit is a creative and strategic thinker who communicates openly and comfortably, and loves approaching design with a problem-solving lens.

About Sozo Media

Sozo Media is a brand, launch and web design studio based in the Toronto area, Canada. We specialize in branding from the inside out—helping small business owners and edupreneurs scale with purpose to build dynamite 💥 brands that look, feel and sound like them.

We create from the inside out

 to reflect the true personality of our clients. We don't squeeze them into trendy boxes but align our decisions to their values and dreams.

We embrace humanity

by showing up wholly as ourselves and sharing our stories. We invite transparent conversations, step into our strengths and problem-solve when mishaps happen.

We focus on leaving an impact

by empowering mission-led businesses to scale with purpose. We believe in building up and building out. And having fun while doing it!

A Bit About Me

Hi, I’m Sharai (rhymes with 🍓) and I’m the founder and Creative Director of Sozo Media.

A quirky Canadian, Enneagram 6! I’m a lover of sleep + coffee (yup, a mom to 2 young girls), musicals and freshly baked cookies.  I love blending artistry, strategy and tech—I’m what you could call a creative geek.

Wanna be biz work besties? Simply communicate, collaborate and connect. My heart is to value, draw out and lean into what makes you—you!

This role is perfect for you if…

  • You’re looking to establish a long-term ongoing relationship with an established brand.
  • You’re interested in and have the bandwidth to take on new projects on a consistent basis.
  • You enjoy creating designs in a collaborative nature and are able to work under the design direction of Sozo Media.
  • You prefer contracted work and are not interested in creating an agency (that's a yes to bypassing sales + client management!)
  • You're familiar with the technology we use.

This role won’t be a good fit if…

  • You prefer to take complete ownership of a project and wouldn't be willing to follow the brand direction and vision of Sozo Media.
  • You're looking for a short-term gig and not looking to grow into a full-time role
  • You're big on vocalizing your opinion over collaboration and don't see the value in seeking a solution together
  • You struggle to balance more than one project or prefer to focus on one client at a time.

How to apply

If this opportunity has you jumping out of your seat then we want to talk to you!  We’re accepting applications until DATE.
If we think we’d be a great fit together, we’ll let you know the next steps via email.