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The lady
behind the name

Hi! My name is Sharai (pronounced Sher-ry) and I’m the heart of Sozo Media.

For over 10 years, I’ve designed brands and websites in the corporate world. It pained me watching individuals jump through hoops just to seem successful—only to feel like a shell of themselves. I created my Sozo Media agency to empower entrepreneurs to confidently and comfortably own themselves in their brand and in their business.

Talent and passion is not enough to design a killer brand and website.

Talent alone still left me catering to client whims which compromised their success. I knew their business could explode if my clients simply trusted me.

The script flipped when I pumped the brakes and started to design from strategy. I now work with dream clients like you to develop aligned-to-you branding.

By focusing on strategic and personality-driven design, I help you create a business that feels like you, sounds like you AND gets you known.

You may have seen my work for



Tim Horton's


So what's my secret sauce?

1 part Passion

I first encountered the world of design and development as a child via Neopets (where my 90s' kids at?!) and fell in love with problem solving. This led me down the road to a degree in graphic design, then into the fast-paced corporate world as a designer and developer.​

1 Part Strategy

Throughout my career, I’ve worked on projects with top Canadian retailers, even leading the creation of a seven-figure online B2B self-service portal (that’s a mouthful). The experience I gained from my work is invaluable – because it helps me use those same strategies for you!

Sharai has a professional process of discovering a client's needs to capture the full story, meaning and emotion behind the brand.

Before Sharai, I was lost in finding a starting point of discovery for myself and my new business. Now I feel inspired to keep my brand growing and evolving creatively - the strong branding visuals has given me an identity I can continue to show up for and support my voice and the impact I want to have on my clients, and in their own business growth!
Sharai Viapiana, designer, on a laptop on the floor
Sharai Viapiana holding up pantone colour swatch book

Connecting with passionate entrepreneurs

My mission is to elevate your business. It’s about creating a legacy and building into people – empowering you with a shared dedication for passion-led business.

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A glimpse into my world


Family of Sharai Viapiana

My people

Met the hubby at our church, started dating and married 18 months later. Now 8+ years have passed and we have 2 beautiful daughters that keep life full of laughter, with fewer Zzs but all the joy.


Vacation Bible School at The Bridge Church for All Nations

My faith

I believe in a greater purpose outside myself and I aspire to leave people feeling inspired and loved. For the past 7 years I’ve led various teams at my church working with kids, media and drama.


My Enneagram

I’m an Enneagram 6.  Loyal as heck; and every day is a new opportunity to rely on faith over fear. I fight for the underdog. I believe in the beauty and strength of community.


Sharai Viapiana, snowboarding on mountain

My fave things

Musicals, snowboarding + living vicariously through other pet owners. I’m down for a good documentary, drama or comedy but also love to get out, explore, eat and travel.

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