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Strategic branding + websites for coaches and edupreneurs

You deserve a brand that

Embodies your expertise

Attracts dream clients

Maximizes your profit

Does this strike a nerve?

You get this nagging feeling: An inward cringe when you look at your brand.

It’s disconnected, disjointed: and it’s definitely affecting your credibility with clients. You know your branding needs help, but how? Your whole brand feels off somehow and it’s shadowing your value, your expertise – your success.

Your brand deserves better

You started your business because you’re great at what you do.

You’ve attracted a list of clients based solely on how awesome you are, and you’ve DIYed your way into a full-fledged business. You’re starting to feel real success – and that’s worth celebrating. Yay, you!

Catapulting you to next-level success

The problem is, you’ve hit a crossroads:​ your brand is misrepresenting you.

Your quality, your character – your level of success. You know what you’re capable of – what your brand should be saying about you, but it’s missing the mark, and it’s time you did something about it.

Helping you get known and feel confident through

Brand Strategy + Design

A purposeful brand identity not only offers prospective clients a clearer vision of who you are and what you offer, it guides leads down the path from first touch to ultimate conversion

Website Strategy + Design

Through effective branding, your website shifts from a touchpoint to a salesperson, selling to prospective clients, and freeing up your time to focus on what you do best.

Ready to multiply your income + impact?

It’s time to focus on what you do best.

Collaborate with a like-minded partner and scale with purpose

Sharai Viapiana sitting down - brand strategist, brand designer, website designer for small businesses

Meet your strategic branding partner

I’m Sharai

(pro tip: it rhymes with very)

With 15 years experience in branding and marketing, I love to help crazy-passionate online educators bring their businesses to the next level.

With my obsession for strategy-led design and your heart to share your craft, let’s create a powerful brand that dominates your industry.

What could the perfect brand mean for your business?

If you could snap your fingers and create a flawless brand, what would it look like?

It’d have a sparkle in its eye, a skip in its step – it would be:

Icon of Brand Value - Captivating


Drawing in dream clients so you can work with people you truly enjoy.

Icon of Brand Value - Trustworthy


Convincing leads who land on your website that you’re worth every dollar.

Icon of Brand Value - Clear


Showing visitors your value so by the time they contact you, all they want is to say yes!

Icon of Brand Value - High-converting


Transforming interest to sales, and creating a steady stream of cash flow.

Icon of Brand Value - One-of-a-kind


Keeping life interesting and colourful for your clients – and for you!

Hiring Sharai was the best thing I could have invested in for the growth of my business. It felt awkward to tell clients my prices and packages but now I don’t even think twice about it. I feel as if I have a professional business and I’m proud to send people to my website. Sharai took my vision and really blew me away with her creativity and design. She has taken my business to the next level and highly recommend anyone wanting to take the next leap to scale their business.
Mock up of Free Guide on The Anatomy of A Thriving Brand

Aw yeah!

Is your brand as awkward as a 13-year-old at their first dance?

Free health check up for your brand

(so you can build a brand so suave you’ll nickname it Marlon—wait for it—‘BRANDo’)

So your branding doesn't do you justice.

Together let’s create a compelling brand that:

Embodies you through + through

Draws in dream clients

Gets you known + booked